About Me

Meital Mazaltarim

Meital was born and raised in Afula. ever since she was young a clear and definite passion for creation, art, and design was visible in her, and when she completed her studies at the Wizo design academy in Haifa she opened her studio at her home town.

The dresses that Meital designs are of the romantic, vintage, rural, and elegant styles – unique and exciting dresses that sends you back in time into a different period, while at the same time maintain modern quality and comfort, a true combination of both worlds – new and old. she describes it by saying: “I love that connection between the old and the new, between the antique and romantic and the classic and the meticulous, I believe in the classic style which to me is eternal and timeless.”

The unique connection between the old and the new can be seen in the choice of fabric, the design which compliments the contours of those who wear it, and in the special combinations of laces, see-through fabrics, stone and bead settings. all while keeping an eye for details and the bride’s comfort, Meital goes on saying: “I don’t see a point following passing trends, I believe a bride can be modest yet sexy, glowing, and hypnotizing on her special day.”