10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding dress

מיטל מזלתרים

Your wedding day is a memorable and unforgettable day, and who does’nt dream of walking down the aisle looking like a fairytale princess, feeling as comfortable, as beautiful, as magical as can be?
Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect wedding dress:

  1. Before visiting a designer studio and buying a dress, take the time to do some online research, visit the sites of several designers and try to get a feel of their design motifs, pick your favourite designers and set up appointments with all of them.
  2. Do you have a favourite style? Found a picture to use as an inspiration for the dress of your dreams? Perfect! Bring it with you to the appointment to help clarify to the designer your ideas and desires.
  3. When going to meet the designer, take with you someone who knows your taste in fashion, but also remember that you have the final say, this is your wedding dress and your wedding and you should choose a dress that reflects your taste and not others.
  4. Make sure that you have a good chemistry with the designer, wedding preperations can often be stressful, and the designer can help by listening and offering professional advice in a way that can help make the whole experience fun and easy to handle.
  5. Remember that this is a process, and one that takes time. Choosing the right cut, the right fabrics and materials, fitting and making adjustments all take time, and I recommend that you start the process at least 4 months before your wedding day, so you can go about it at ease and without unnecessary pressure.
  6. Don’t make up your mind about a  dress before trying it on, the designer knows exactly what each dress highlights [or undertone] and dresses often look different while worn than as they do on the shelves.
  7. Dress appropriately for fittings. Make sure to wear comfortable and toning white or flesh colored lingerie.
  8. In order to have the designers complete and undivided attention, always make an appointment in advance before visiting the studio.
  9. A good designer would do more than just design a dress for you. A good designer would also offer styling, hair, and makeup tips, and advise on what kind of shoes would compliment your dress best.

And a final tip for brides who are expecting :)

If you're interested in letting it show, then all is well, but if you wish to keep it a secret and still walk down the aisle in the wedding gown you've been dreaming of - do not worry, designers have many ways of concealing your ever expanding belly, just make sure to come for fittings and adjustments on a regular basis as your body will change almost daily, and let your designer take the lead!

Good luck and Mazal tov!